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Digitally Transforming Your Business To Make Better Decisions, Faster.

Our goal is to help you digitally transform your business to boost growth and increase profitability. Make critical business decisions with confidence.


Custom data solutions that let you monitor what matters most.

How Pw7 Analytic can help Logistics Companies turn Data into Actionable Insights.

Don't waste time and money on technology that isn't suitable for your company. If your Power BI has poor customer support, reliability issues, or is unable to connect with software that you use in your business, it will ultimately eat up your profits.

Your staff is busy with important tasks, and they don’t need a Power BI that slows them down and makes life miserable. The right Power BI should be a benefit to the entire business – something you’ll wish you purchased many years ago.

We researched many Power BIs over the last years. Until recently, we had not found one that we were happy with or could easily integrate with. Our standards were very high. We were looking into developing our own Power BI… until we found Pw7 Analytic.

Whether you are getting set up with Power BI for the very first time, or if you are frustrated with Power BIs that you already have and need a change, we are here to help.

01. Custom-Fit to Your Business

We implement and integrate the right tools and build your reporting framework based on your unique needs, so that you can measure what matters.

02. Testing and Validation

We put your Power BI through rigorous testing to ensure each report you receive accurately reflects the performance of your digital product. Then, the Pw7 Analytic goes live.

03. Insights

Maximize timely business data with visual reporting tools, such as Power BI, to accelerate business intelligence so you can stay in front of the competition and make better business decisions, faster.

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On-Going Support for Your Changing Business

Your business isn’t static. Neither should your reporting be. We continuously monitor your pipeline and update your events, metrics & reporting as your needs change.

Safe and Secure

Your data Pw7 Analytic is yours. You control access to your reporting.


Choose partners with shared values

Certified partners are an important part of the team! Increase your environmental integrity by investing in technology that meets rigorous standards throughout its lifecycle.


Why us? We are Industry Experts.

In addition to all the reasons listed above, M7 Group's trucking management software offers even more benefits:

  • Help turn data into information you can use to better manage your business

  • Increase your profit margins and better understand your costs

  • Create a competitive pricing model that still generates profit for the business

  • Identify which elements of your business are providing the greatest return on investment

  • Use available assets more effectively




Are you ready to improve your Digital Experience?

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M7 PERMITS is dedicated to making the process of getting all licensing and permit needs for the trucking sector as simple as possible, whether your firm is new or established.


Regulatory Authority

Fuel Tax Returns


Permits for Trucking


Accounting & Bookkeeping


License Plate for a Truck

Equipment Financing

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